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Fred Hembeck

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Uploaded August 13, 2002

Give Fred your money!

If you're reading this, you're likely a fan of Fred's cartooning, which means that you could really use some original Fredwork to hang on your living room wall.

Now you can!

Superman issue 199

Every so often, Fred's wonderful wife Lynn (aka 'The Bride of Hembeck') lists some of Fred's cover re-creations to eBay. The scans that litter this column are just a few of the auction that Lynn has auctioned in the past few months.

(Click here to see the full list of what's available for bidding right now.)

What's that, you say? You want to pay a little bit extra than you'd have to pay competing against your fellow fans in an auction, just for the privilege of choosing the cover the Fred re-creates for you?

Wowzers, that sounds like you're talking about a commission!

By remarkable coincidence, Lynn just forwarded me Fred's particulars for taking on commission work:

Here's the deal on commissions: a single character sketch -- your choice, of course -- is $25.00. Say, however, you want two characters -- Batman *with* Robin, for instance -- the second is just an additional $10.00, for a total of $35.00 per pair. Groupings of 3 or more are negotiable, depending on what they entail (Legion of Super-Heroes fans, take note). Character drawings are done on 2-ply plate bristol (as is all my commission work), paper size 11" x 14".

Cover reinterpretations are going for $125.00 a shot. These are black and white drawings done as a 10" x 15" image as interpreted using my style. All lettering and blurbs are included (but see the next paragraph for UPC box choices, if applicable). Wrap-around covers? Simple: double the price.

Recreations of the DC Daily Planet HEMBECK gag strips (1978-1981) are also available at larger than original size. Indicate which strip you'd like and I'll redraw it, 12" across by 4" deep, centered on an 11" x 14" page for $35.00.

As it would happen, I have a fairly extensive collection, so I may very well not need a clear photocopy of the cover to complete the assignment, but it is possible, so be prepared to provide one if necessary. I reserve the right to reject a request, though, to date I haven't. I'm sure, however, that there's a cover out there composed of such stunning detail that the very thought of redrawing it would set me screaming -- no folks, I've yet to recreate a George Perez composition!

If your desired cover has a UPC box, please specify if you want it: a) duplicated, complete with lines and numbers, b) a direct sales version -- i.e., a Spidey head or a DC slogan ("The NEW DC: There's No Stopping Us Now!") (coff coff), or c) eliminated all together with me drawing what I project to be behind that nasty little box.

Splash pages are also available for reinterpretations. Title pages, full pages found within the body of the story, double page center spreads (at twice the price, natch) -- the same terms as for covers apply, with one small exception: while I re-letter the covers exactly as printed, I'm afraid I'm going to have to draw the line at reproducing the indicia found at the bottom of most title pages. Let's all just ignore that tiny type, OK?

Sorry, no color work. I don't have the supplies, and quite frankly, I don't have the aptitude. Nothing spoils a nice black and white drawing faster than me coloring it. But hey, once you get it in your hot little hands, feel free to grab a box of Crayolas and go crazy!

Also, a number of failed attempts have convinced me to reject all requests for caricatures out of hand, so unless you're Ed Asner looking to relive his glory days as Lou Grant, I'm afraid I can't help you -- sorry.

For each order, whether cover or character sketch, I request $12.00 for postage and handling for shipping to a US address. International buyers, please inquire. That's per order -- if you want, say, 3 single character sketches and a cover that'd only put you out 12 bucks for postage et al, but should you order 'em separately, it'd be 12 dollars a pop, dig? However, I've learned through experience that wrap-around cover recreations are costlier to mail, so when ordering any double page spread, I'll have to charge $15.00 for postage and handling. And lastly, about getting 'em to you: I've been able to turn over most requests within a month, but you never know when the time'll come when somebody at one of the companies has the BIG assignment for me, the one that has to be done TODAY. Allow me, please, to put your drawing aside for a bit to take care of that business, should the scenario arise. For a long delay, I'll contact you via e-mail, so you'll know your status. Odds are, the problem won't arise, but should it, I'll make sure you'll be satisfied. Oh -- and let me know if you have any special requests concerning signing the piece -- "To Ezekiel, from Fred", for instance, or just my name -- hey it's your call.

For payment, I accept personal checks, money orders, PayPal, or c2it.

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me at:

To summarize:

Character sketches, first character: $25.00
Additional character: $10.00
3 or more characters: Negotiable
HEMBECK Daily Planet recreation: $35.00
Cover or splash page (10" x 15" image): $125.00
Postage and handling (US): $12.00 per order, $15.00 for double page spreads
International postage, please inquire.

So there you have it, lots of ways for you to give your life savings over to the Hembeck Retirement Fund and/or the Child of Hembeck College Fund. Tell him that Neil sent you!

- NP

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